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Evil Panda Lighting Setup

In the world of Photography one must continue to learn and evolve their technique. I do not always have a person at my disposal and often use my wife’s stuffed panda. He is a pint sized replica of Poe from Kung Fu Panda. This last week Poe and I had one of our fun shoots and while shooting I decided to work with my snoot and some direct lighting. I placed the snoot directly left of Poe and placed an umbrella about 45 degrees in front and to the right. I snapped a couple shots and produced the shot below.
"Kung Fun Panda"

The Camera is Shooting at ISO 100 and F stop F/20. The small aperture allows the background to disappear and black out leaving only the illuminated areas lit.

I laughed at just how evil Poe looks and felt this was a keeper. I played with a few other ideas but this one was the best. Below you will find a diagram of the light setup I used. Until next time……….


Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8

I stumbled across a good deal on a Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 lens. This lens will fit great in my bag for non-studio Portrait work. It’s versatility will work good. My 85mm f/1.8 will be my main lens for any studio portraits. I look forward to reviewing this lens.

New Photo Series: Elements

I have decided to start a new series of photographs¬†entitled “Elements” The point of the project is to grasp the effects and beauty of the Elements of the world. The first in the series is titled “Flow” Please go to¬†http://www.sachphotography.us

to read the entire selection

Komen Race for the Cure

This last week I had the opportunity to shoot the Komen Race for the cure in Tulsa Oklahoma. The event is used to raise money for breast cancer research and hosts a variety of events throughout the day. I hold a personal connection as my grandmother is currently fighting breast cancer and my other grandmother passed away due to cancer. It was touching to see the emotion and heart that went into the various groups and people racing. I have included a few shots from the day and will have a new gallery on sachphoto.com to display the complete event.

The First Survivor to Cross The Finish Line
komen race for the cure

Pushing On

komen race for the cure

The Reason for the race

komen race for the cure

New Gear!

Well I decided to change some things in my lens setup. I got a killer deal on a Nikon 180mm f/2.8 and so I went for it and added it to my line. I will do a review and post sometime soon. I also acquired a Sigma 28-70 f/ 2.8 ASPHERICAL D DG EX. I sold my Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 as I wanted something a little longer for portrait work. I will be getting a wider angle lens such as a 12-24 or maybe just a 14mm prime but time will tell. I have invested in more lighting and various studio elements. I will soon be starting shoots with it so check back for details.

I need to get back to this.

So it seems that life has a way of taking control and not letting go. I finally am able to sit down and really focus on getting back to blogging. Stay tuned. Ill be around. Check out Sachphotography.com. It is getting a face lift again… It is looking good.!!!

Yet even more changes.

My Nikon D80 Kit is now for sale. I am getting rid of it to make way for my new camera. Most likely a Nikon D300. Maybe a d700 if the D80 goes for higher but we will see. I need a camera with a faster shutter. The d300 will allow up to 8FPS which is great! Another key feature of the D300 is its low light ISO tests. While not performing to the same level as a full frame it does great. I am very excited about upgrading and will hopefully have the swap done by the end of the month!! Along with the new camera, I am looking into which telephoto I will go with. I am thinking of getting either the Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 or the 70-200 f/2.8 I do not know which one but will be sure to post a full review when I find out.

Cheers. Hope everybody had a great Holiday Season!!!!!