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-Nikon D4- Nikon EVIL

With 2011 on the horizon many Camera enthusiast are eager to catch a glimpse of New Technology to hit the market. Every 4 years or so Nikon brings a new camera to its Pro line. In 1999 it introduced to the digital world the Nikon D1, In 2003 Nikon brought out the D2, and just like the clock ticks, in 2007 Nikon Released the D3. With 2011 being the magical 4th year, it brings much speculation and mystery. One of the “big” new things in the camera world is the Mirror Less DSLR. A camera with all the power, functionality and interchangeable lenses backing it up would be something that would revolutionize the photography world. Or will it. Time will tell in determining what the future holds but the days of 80 megapixel cameras that have the ability to shoot at 40 frames per second are not that far off. Sony has laid the foreground to the non-mirror DSLR era and Nikon has recognized this and will have a camera to compete in the near future, of that I am sure. But alas for now we are relegated to prototypes and concepts both I have pictured below.

Nikon Has a “D4” in the works
Nikon D4 Prototype
Nikon D4

The Nikon EVIL camera set to compete in the New Mirror Less ERA
Nikon EVIL
Nikon EVIL

One response

  1. The more i look at it the more i want it. It would love to gets my hands on this.

    December 26, 2010 at 10:43 am

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