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Shanghai Apartment Fire

On November 15th, in Shanghai, China, a fire erupted, apparently within construction materials and scaffolding surrounding an occupied 30-story apartment building under renovation. Sadly the flames spread to the building itself and soon engulfed the entire structure. Residence of the tower and workers constructing the building fled down scaffolding in an attempt to escape the smoke and flames. Unfortunately, 58 people were not able to escape, losing their lives while 70 more were injured in the inferno, which was contained after four long hours. A number of individuals are now in police custody, including unlicensed welders working on the tower. The Shanghai government has also taken responsibility for the fire and complete lax in safety. China has ordered a nationwide overhaul of fire-control measures.

Click here to view the rest of the Pictures at The Boston Globe

“All images are courtesy of the Boston Globe”

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