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Evil Panda Lighting Setup

In the world of Photography one must continue to learn and evolve their technique. I do not always have a person at my disposal and often use my wife’s stuffed panda. He is a pint sized replica of Poe from Kung Fu Panda. This last week Poe and I had one of our fun shoots and while shooting I decided to work with my snoot and some direct lighting. I placed the snoot directly left of Poe and placed an umbrella about 45 degrees in front and to the right. I snapped a couple shots and produced the shot below.
"Kung Fun Panda"

The Camera is Shooting at ISO 100 and F stop F/20. The small aperture allows the background to disappear and black out leaving only the illuminated areas lit.

I laughed at just how evil Poe looks and felt this was a keeper. I played with a few other ideas but this one was the best. Below you will find a diagram of the light setup I used. Until next time……….

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