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The Exciting New Venture

Well today is the big day. I have made the decision on the next website TAD Consulting is going to launch. WE have discussed several idea but the idea that we feel is the best choice for the next Website it Pazilla.com. Pazilla.com will be a website geared towards photographers. It will allow photographers to advertise their business for free. Each photographer will be able to create a Myspace like profile for a viewer to see. Most people who look for photographers often get drown in a flood f flash videos and sappy music. All things considered some people do like to see a great deal of effort placed into a photographer’s website. However, most people want to see a photographer’s biography and samples of their work. Pazilla.com will allow people to search by state and by region. By having people search by region it will allow people to see more photographers who do work in the area. I have recently exposed a few photographers to the idea and the response is unanimous. People want it! When someone goes to a search engine and types in “Oklahoma photographer”, rather than spending hours looking through website people will now be able to see a streamlined list of profiles of people who do business in the area they are looking. Pazzilla.com will be free to join allowing for new and upcoming photographers to take advantage of this wonderful new tool. Stay tuned for updates and the official launch date.

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