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A dawn of a New Birth

On a day like today you would think I would be excited about all the things currently evolving in my life. Well in reality I am. I am just so busy with everything I have going on. My websites keep me going and going and going. My initial jump into the World Wide Web was with the intent of promoting my photography company. All things considered it has been a useful tool. Now That I have started my new consulting firm; http://www.tadbc.com , I have even more to fill the plate of life. Sachphotography has surpassed all expectations and continues to grow. I feel that in time it will be my main source of income. Tad consulting as formed initially to be the umbrella company of all my smaller companies. Little did I know, it would take off in a direction of its own. Within a month of launching the site, I have an amazing place in the search rankings. Out of millions of sites, I am #1 to #11 for a variety of keywords. Please contact me with any question regarding my SEO Tactics. Needless to say I am excited at the potential these current venues shave to offer. My current goal is to launch one site a month for 5 months in a row. It is now July so #3 is in the dawn of its birth! Stay Tuned for the Unveiling of the 3rd website!!!!!!

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