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What is Art?

What is art? In the days of the $300 DSLR and 20+ mega pixel cameras, it seems everybody in the word is a great photographer. People take a picture of a tree in black and white and feel they are good enough to compare to Ansel Adams. What it is about a photo that capture our imagination. My goal is to capture a split second and translate that into a lasting memory that is even more vivid the reality. In life one often dreams but fails to recall the dream. How often do we have a moment in life that is almost dreamlike but is not able to be translated to anyone other than the person who experienced the moment? The ability to capture a moment in time as it was to the individual in whom the experience occurred is often not in the individual’s ability. The individual will most likely realize their inability to translate the moment with a closing statement of “you had to be there”. So often we, as artists, will do our best to show people a world they would have altogether missed. We try to instill a sense of emotion into one’s life that they themselves would have otherwise not been able to capture. Remembering that our goal as artist is to put forth an emotion that has gone missed, what is it that separates a good pictures from a great picture? What is it that allows a picture to be chosen by TIME magazine as a picture of the year? What is it that allows an artist to charge thousands of dollars for a single piece of art? The answer is one thing and one thing alone, the artist ability to capture and inject the emotion, feeling, and the very soul of the picture into the picture itself. The artist who can fulfill this requirement will create a priceless invaluable piece that will leave a mark so great that words are but forethought to the image of emotion. There is truth in the statement “A single picture is worth a thousand words”

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