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Week one. A New dawn of inspiration.

Every so often in one’s life, an opportunity for change is brought to their attention. Upon evaluating the pros and cons of the outcome, a choice to accept or decline the offer is made. If a change is made and adhered to, the actions preceding the opportunity will be based solely on the individual in whom the change was made.  In the end, one would hope that the decision picked would benefit not one’s self but those involved as well. I recently have had a few different opportunities come across my plate. Some of these seemed too good to be true, while others seemed as though they would not provide any benefit to my own life.  Upon analyzing the different choice I made a choice that felt correct to me and my family. Although not all parties were the most excited for the decision, it led to an opportunity that will be worth the sacrifice. I recently interviewed for a position working in conjunction with a photography company. They asked me to look into being a photographer, sale consultant and business developer. While it all sounds like a mouth full it really is not. Basically in layman’s terms, it is as simple as finding business, doing business and selling more business.  I prayed about it with my wife and the resulting decision was for me to take the position once the final offer had been made.  I received the phone call and email finalizing the offer and am now working as a professional photographer for Summerfield Studios. I will continue my work with WWW.SACHPHOTOGRAPHY.US and will be continuing to grow my business to new levels yet to be reached. I have recently published a number of articles; links are on my website, as well as created a new income stream through my website through advertising. I will be writing articles and updates as the income progresses and will keep everybody updated. Hope to see you again.

Dont forget to stop by my site. WWW.SACHPHOTOGRAPHY.US



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