A Photography Blog for The Future

The first of many from Sachphotography.us

This will be my first blog on WordPress. I have been using my website for all my blogging but feel this offers a better way to get my blog into the world. Stay tuned as I will update it often.

I have recently started the work of doing a complete overhaul of my website www.sachphotography.us . Though it is a tedious and long task, I feel it is necessary. The new look and navigation will allow users to have a more friendly experience. I also believe, that the new design will allow search engines to crawl it better allowing for more traffic thus will increase the profitability of the company as a whole.  I other news, I have also begun cleaning my 35mm Canon ft camera. I have for the most part used digital for shooting my work. Recently I have fallen back into the intrigue and feel in which film is able to offer. As I begin my regression into film I am excited at the possibilities it has to offer. Along with my 35mm I have thought about getting a Holga 120 Camera. Though they are nothing more than a plastic trinket, they offer a different aspect that is capable of filling the vision of Sachphotography.

Daniel Sach

Come see my work at Sachphotography.us

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